Won Gold at the APS Stamp Show and…

Won Gold at the APS Stamp Show and…

On November 15, 2017, Posted by , In Telephone Stamps, With 1 Comment

I am amazed and completely blown away! I entered my stamp catalog “United States Telephone Stamps” into the literature division at this years APS Stamp Show in Richmond, Virginia. It won gold, and on top of that, it received the Research Medal of Honor. Woah! My first book of this type and I kind of did my own thing, not really following any of the standard/typical formats for stamp catalogs. It is full-color throughout and I wanted a lot of history and eye candy, not just a listings I kind of went crazy on it. I was really happy how it turned out but to hear it from other collectors and to receive these awards from the American Philatelic Society is really amazing. If you have not heard of telephone stamps peruse my website and take a look at the book/catalog. I have written about how the American Telephone & Telegraph Company and others produced telephone stamps as payment for long distance and other services and cataloged all the stamps, franks and coupons these telephone companies produced. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Anthony Krusz says:

    Hi William: Congratulations on receiving the APS Gold and the Research Medal of Honor. I have your United States Telegraph Album Pages ( so beautiful and comprehensive), and I just received your US Telephone Philatelic Catalog and Price Guide, Fantastic!

    If I may be allowed I would like to place an advance order for your Telephone Album Pages when they are issued. I know they will be of the same outstanding quality as the Telegraph Album Pages. Hope they are available soon. Let me know I am like a kid in a candy store.

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